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Share the harvest Grow up together, remember the basic professional special training camp in luoyang four court will share

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Share the harvest Grow up together, remember the basic professional special training camp in luoyang four court will share

Training dynamics
2020/01/15 10:30
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Xu talents in a few days ago, the company sent to the professional special training camp at the grass-roots level in the study of the two batch of a total of 13 employees have all successful completion, complete the training, on his return. After the company carefully organize and arrange related leaders, the first meeting to share the training, first points 2 times in the mechanical industry department on the fourth design and research institute co., LTD. Will share on February 4, for the first time in the afternoon, participants for the architectural design research one all employees under the age of 35, supervisors or more members of the leadership and school leadership, dean zi-long liu presided over the meeting. The second will share in the afternoon of February 6, and participants for the survey, supervision, and the eia under the age of 35 employees, four yuan, deputy party secretary yong-gang huang chaired the meeting, relevant institutes leaders attended the meeting to share the training.
Two meeting, Yin Fangdong, NingYun respectively introduces the training the company the purpose and significance of participants, the content and the form of training. Mainly introduced through the study of 16 courses, received his comments, their change and harvest. Through his own experience, the introduction of specific courses, the analysis of the case and apply, in the work, study and life, etc., to young employees some constructive opinions and Suggestions are put forward.
In the process of sharing, showed a keen interest in the young employees, for some courses, such as character password. Professional attitude, work positioning, etc) of the content are looking forward to. Believe that through this sharing, young employees will be more cherish the company to provide a platform, will grasp various training and learning opportunities, improve myself, work hard, later will have a higher enthusiasm to participate in the similar training.
Only thought constantly exchange and collision, can create more passion and spark, to arouse the creativity of young workers more. This period of time to share, only young employees share a start harvesting, grow together. Later will have more to share, to help young people grow up faster, and make greater contribution to the company.