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Company May 4th commendation congress and "chief expert lecture hall" sharing activity was held

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Company May 4th commendation congress and "chief expert lecture hall" sharing activity was held

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2015/05/08 00:00
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On May 4 in the afternoon, the company "May 4th" commendation congress and "chief expert lecture hall" sharing activities in tianjin hall on the third floor, luoyang was held the second conference room (video at the venue). Company party secretary, chairman of the board of directors Chen Youquan, vice secretary of party committee, general manager Ding Yueda, Zhang Huiyi, deputy party secretary and deputy general manager, deputy general manager and chief engineer RuanBing, trade union chairman Huang Zheng, minister of human resources li-qiang zhang, director of the party committee office in los yong was invited to attend. Young employees of our company on behalf of more than 230 people attend the meeting.
Meeting shall be presided over by company secretary of the youth corps committee Wang Zan and spoke first. Today is May 4th youth day, to mark the 96th anniversary of the may fourth movement, inherit the tradition of the "May 4th" movement, carry forward the patriotic spirit of the "May 4th" movement, we gathered in the solemn day, commendation advanced, learning model, share experience, looking to the future together. After the speech, all the members to stand up and sing TuanGe.
Is the second agenda of the assembly of communist youth league in 2014-2015 the company won the "May 4th" red flag the youth corps cell (work, "the company outstanding communist youth league cadres", "excellent league member" advanced collectives and individuals to recognize. In 2014, the company the youth under the correct guidance of the leadership of the company, down-to-earth, diligently study, innovative, dedicated and devoted to the enterprise production and operation of the main, sprung up a batch of excellent youth and advanced collective. To further build firm faith, innovation and good environment to be advanced, inspire and guide the youth league organizations at all levels and the broad masses of young staff to promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development to create new youth performance, after a basic recommendation, democracy evaluation, based on the field grade vote is a group organized by the company, this year's awards had been elected the collective and individual. Zhang Huiyi deputy general manager read out the list of the May 4th movement recognition and chairman and general manager Ding Yueda Chen Youquan respectively in order to obtain recognition of the advanced collectives and individuals and pose a certificate can be issued.
Is the third agenda of the assembly by the company deputy general manager and chief engineer, chief expert, national May Day labor models RuanBing comrade led brilliance BMW team Zhou Rong, Wang Gongyan, Hou Yinglei, brought his young employees a special "first chief expert lecture hall" activity. Nguyen always first to introduce the basic situation of brilliance BMW project, tells the story of the BMW team that a "passion burning years". And interact with the young employees: young people how to set up career planning and future ideal life, how to use the company give you the platform to achieve their career planning, achieve the important quality what, young employees if you have any idea to platform provided by the company is now established and put forward the "youth technical committee". Positive responses to the presence of young employees, spoke enthusiastically, fully realize the role model of personality charm.
Finally, Chen Youquan the chairman to summarize general assembly speech. The chairman's speech around two main theme "driving force, influence," and "growth force, driving force". In view of the "driving force, influence,", April 27, chairman of the board of directors to share the company members outstanding TuanGan, experience exchange meeting in the afternoon and xu in the training of young employees to report on the meeting, more than 20 young employees working experience, experience, and training. He stressed that embodies the outstanding young employees in their body's sophistication, hopes the recognition of the youth league can cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, play an exemplary role, and constantly create new performance, influence and driving force, at the same time, hope the broad masses of young worker to all the young people to study, in the above aspects can be good, be outstanding young talent.
For "growth force, driving force," the chairman from enterprises and individuals to the perspective of "crisis management" to introduce the development strategy of the company, he stressed that this is the first time for young employees in formal situations about the development of the company strategic planning, the development of the company "lack of soldiers guard the quartet," looking forward to promising talents, the development of the company need to young employees play to creativity, innovation, dare to try. Finally, chairman of the board for everybody again about how individuals should have values: individual value orientation determines the future of life, growth, happiness or not, the young employees have the right value orientation is very important. He was very glad to see that the young generation, the company has values of positive and active, comprehensive, and hope that all the young employees to set up the company comply with the trend of values, to have ability, wealth, knowledge and body comprehensive talented person, become rich noble people material and spiritual.
Finally, chairman of the general assembly expressed the deepest hopes of young employees, he said, each generation of young has its own fortune and luck, will be under the condition of it's age planning life, history, hope the broad masses of young employees able to shoulder the responsibility of the given in this era, achievement personal dream, enterprise! In the enterprise, is committed to the development of the contemporary young employees to seize the opportunity, a bigger stage with good achievements and take on the future development, in the process of exciting youth written the magnificent chapter, to create their own wonderful life!