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The first phase of the company held 2015 annual "professional special training camp at the grass-roots level in a kick-off meeting for training

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The first phase of the company held 2015 annual "professional special training camp at the grass-roots level in a kick-off meeting for training

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2015/05/16 00:00
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In order to speed up the talent team construction step, continue to expand and deepen the cultivation of young employees, the 2014 selected 13 outstanding young employee representatives to chengdu xu talents in the school to participate in the basic professional special training camp in the training a complete success, after this year, the company will in the wider selection of outstanding young people participate in the training. May 13 morning, the first phase of the 2015 annual "professional special training camp at the grass-roots level in training A kick-off meeting for the company headquarters in A conference room 4, li-qiang zhang minister of human resources department, this year the first phase of the sending and the participant leadership, 2014, the first sending representatives to attend the conference participant. Meeting the "main (tianjin) + video conference (luoyang) + telephone conference (Shanghai)" a combination of simultaneously, in tianjin branch general manager xu shares hao-ran sun, client director li Yang was invited to attend.
Li-qiang zhang minister first illustrates the sending of the participant to the personnel selection criteria. This year to participate in professional special training camp at the grass-roots level of students, all from the previous "outstanding young employees", the annual "company outstanding young", "outstanding cadres", "excellent league member" company, as well as in the work directly with the customer communication frequently selected in young employees of institutes and Marketing Department. This year the company plans to send 19 young employee representatives, three phase in chengdu xu talents in the school to attend off-job training for 28 days. Among them, the first phase of sending for participant 5 people, respectively is a school building design research Zhou Hui one highlighting, craft, construction engineering design Jin Yanlong, Shanghai Cheng Sulei four yuan, comprehensive management department Yang Zhidan, they will be on May 21 solstice on June 17, the participation. The other 14 students in late July and partial participation in late October.
Steps are for Marty natalegawa, xu shares in tianjin branch of director of li Yang takes the form of video clips, reviewed the next RGL project young employees in the past two years the development of professional training, and xu talents for schools and professional special training camp at the grass-roots level in the project to introduce. Through the film, the students are training form, content, learning, living environment, etc. Have more intuitive understanding.
Communication inspire new ideas, 2014 sending on behalf of the participant Wang Zan, class st dragons, Sun Yiran training experience, life learning to adapt to the new topic and the students, such as the communication, and to encourage new students during the training period self-confidence, self-improvement, self-discipline, self-respect, dare to break through ego, showing RGL, unity, mutual promotion.
Struggle of the youth is the most beautiful, in the face of the challenge of the coming of new students to speak, have expressed the idea of the participation and determination. Building a hospital east new dean, process design, architectural design, director Chen 炤 research one athey name, Shanghai four yuan huang fei, vice President of the deputy general manager as well as the comprehensive management department in los yong, vice minister of students to be encouraged and expectations, hope that the students can cherish the opportunity, full participation with empty cup mentality training, targeted for improvement, increase knowledge, wisdom, more can share and passing on the training results, after the return to drive more young employees make progress together. Xu, general manager of tianjin branch hao-ran sun shares also wish the students through 28 days of training learning gains, transformation results, transformation and use to grow.
Finally, li-qiang zhang minister as a summary statement. Zhang xu in the company in RGL engineering aspect to provide support and training young employees want to thank you for the effort, hope that through the joint efforts of both sides more extensive and in-depth cooperation in the future. Zhang believes that the future of excellent engineers must have strong ability in analysis and practice of creative and innovative, good communication skills, and agile business sense, rich professional spirit, adaptable, able to consider a problem from the specific situation of lifelong learners. Face of post-industrial society and significant differences of thinking in the industrial society, the change of era and the development of the company to young people in communication skills, team work ability, interpersonal skills, problem solving ability, responsibility consciousness, design and innovation ability, ability of continuous learning, management ability and so on many aspects put forward higher requirements. Workplace diversity and scarcity of value depends on the individual ability, zhang hopes the participation student: first, the use of fully off-job training time profoundly to empty their sex of carding, analysis, and comprehensive analysis, for short, targeted training in training to improve; Second, cultivate good professional attitude, professional skills training, information integration ability, expand their resources to grow into interdisciplinary talents mastering many skills while specializing in to lay a solid foundation; Third, there is sense of mission, play a driving force, influence, show positive energy; Fourth, there is sense of responsibility, adapt to change and learning skills, have a growing force, driving force, trying to make their own growth speed the development of the match or exceed job requirements. Participation to harvest, zhang more remind students arrange their work ahead of time, devoting themselves to their training, pay attention to safety during the training, unity, cooperation, I wish you smooth completion of the training task, and shall not be held, on his return!