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Construction of a judicial branch organized "I is a professional company" will share

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Construction of a judicial branch organized "I is a professional company" will share

Training dynamics
2015/07/23 00:00
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In line with "one draw, achievement sharing, common progress" of the spirit, 10 o 'clock in the morning, on July 15, organised by a judicial branch construction planning, on the fifth floor meeting room block B, the theme of "I am a professional company meeting to share the training results, meeting organized by company" xu talents in basic professional special training class "comrade highlighting successful return young employees do share training results.
To share the construction will be a new courtyard to the east, Yang jeong, Zhang Manxin, Xu Xiangtong, various professional and all the young employees, director, company li-qiang zhang minister of human resources is invited to the meeting.
Before the meeting, the new dean on behalf of the construction of a hospital to li-qiang zhang minister said the arrival of the warm welcome and gratitude, he thought the company of young employees training work very seriously, hope that this share will share the training result, inheritance, the purpose of training results by demonstrating to share, to help young employees to establish professional accomplishment, improve their comprehensive level, the realization career life. Li-qiang zhang minister spoke of the training is of great significance to the young employees, the young employees thinking mode, bear responsibility, capacity building, there will be a big help, his comrade to highlight during the period of training as a monitor of the class to take on responsibilities spirit and achievements gave high evaluation.
Share meeting highlighting comrade warm to you, the training was introduced in detail, what he saw and heard. Review includes up to 28 days of hard training, team building, quality development, professional development courses. During the whole share will he from time to time to interact with the leaders and young employees to carry out, by doing little game and case analysis methods such as let all employees involved, comment, immersive experience training connotation and meaning. Highlighting introduces the professional attitude, emotion management, charm of eloquence, responsibility, thinking, time management, business etiquette, character password, customer value and other aspects of training learning content, and realize how to inspire the potential of more deep in work and life, learn to use the results of thinking and responsibility thinking to enhance consciousness of team, to assume responsibilities. He said he would make contributions to the development of company and department.
Share after the meeting, the construction of a hospital courtyard leadership and li-qiang zhang minister and young employees will shift in thinking as soon as possible, has a clear relationship, improve the executive power, advantage of young employees, enhance the cohesion, improve the department work performance and so on has carried on the exchange with you. Through this share will, all young employees feel deeply, to personal career have a clear understanding of confidence in the development of the company and department.