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To meet the challenge with unity cohesion strength A brilliant To carry out with decision - RGL project marks the end of 2015 new employees' diathesis

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To meet the challenge with unity cohesion strength A brilliant To carry out with decision - RGL project marks the end of 2015 new employees' diathesis

Training dynamics
2015/08/05 00:00
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On July 22, 2015 new employees, as fresh blood in the morning the sun to join RGL family, as soon as possible to enable them to adapt to different from school work environment, rapid convergence and smooth completion of successful transition from student to professional people, the company human resources department, comprehensive management department, youth corps committee jointly organized for a two-day RGL diathesis developing training, new employees to participate in the training of new employees a total of 116 people, trade union chairman Huang Zheng, integrated Zhang Jingshun, vice minister of human resources management, vice minister zhao, accompanied by secretary of the youth corps committee Wang Zan participation.
First, Huang Zheng President do for the training before the training, after the welcome for new employees, the orientation of the arrangement to do, and to emphasize training organization discipline, hope everyone to actively participate in, mutual cooperation, pay attention to team, the safety consciousness is always at ease. After finished to camp opening ceremony, trainer could lead to a series of questions and answers has drawn out the theme of the training - how to become a qualified employees.
116 new employees were randomly divided into 6 teams, each team quickly set up the internal organization structure, called the secret, the team captain, team name, team and flag bearer, through understanding, communication within the team after the implementation, "the dragon fist, SUNS, the warriors, fierce hawks, blue fatty, fire Wolf" six teams irrespective of each other, the competition, and constantly challenge in collaboration with one project, cheers, chants, chants in the mountains. The last dragon boxing team with a narrow margin with the trophy!
There is no doubt that the new workers are one important problem is how to quickly into the team, play to their maximum effectiveness in cooperation; The second is how to play to the role of the individual to the whole team and efficient operation. These different students and the new challenges of The Times, in the subsequent training program to get detailed interpretation and interpretation. First is the trust back project, through the establishment of back people's trust in the team produce team consciousness, by protecting the players do their job to promote teamwork. Second, pawns for water as a strategy game, further to the important role of the manager. Which not only requires the whole team solidarity, but also requires a collective discussion and final decision. In the face of the final decision after managers to weigh the pros and cons, test the members of the collective consciousness, and all with the concept of the big picture first. Moreover, through the grid, make haste to sixty seconds, Santa, dragon under the sea, seven swords tianshan, these projects can also exercise the unity cooperation consciousness, team members all do all it can bear, and the execution of collective discipline and decision-making. Orders through training before a meal, let new employees to remember as a member need to abide by the collective team discipline, adhere to the spirit and of action than words meet difficult yong come rain or shine on faith, finally does not forget concern companion solidarity.
"Army well not dig, will not be thirsty, the kitchen is not open, will not be hungry, the rain is not domain, snow don't wear qiu; soldiers never forget my heart warm and cool."
New employees through the reflection of each project transformation thinking mode, to the training of the individual tasks change behavior, after a trainer guide in the reflection and practice again and again to find the answer. So progressive transformation, and a deeper step by step, gradually completed the new employee of solidarity and efficient management of thinking and exploration, has realized the transformation of thinking and behavior.
And new employees in the benefit of training is quite deep, deep understanding and experience the collective spirit of solidarity and collaboration, complementary understanding trust coordination, unified goal to take, the common progress of the cohesive forces; Through collective consciousness and actively respond to promote efficient management, strict discipline with decision-making, democratic expression enterprising and transposition thinking about the big picture.
Two days short and enrichment, as BiYing ceremony, the training coming to an end, the leaders expressed in his speech, care for and hope for new employees. Finally, in "cooperation and keeping forging ahead, sincere, beyond" read out of the momentum of the grand, new employees with high momentum after preparation for military training and career challenges in the future.