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The starting point of green Blue future - RGL project opening 2015 new employees training successfully

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The starting point of green Blue future - RGL project opening 2015 new employees training successfully

Training dynamics
2015/08/05 00:00
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In order to improve the overall quality of new recruits, to promote understanding between new staff and improve team collaboration, 10 o 'clock in the morning on July 24, 10 days of military training of new employees in 2015 officially opening in tianjin a certain air force military training base. Company deputy general manager, deputy party secretary Zhang Huiyi, comprehensive management department jian-guo wang, vice minister of human resources Zhang Jingshun, comprehensive management, vice minister in los yong, youth corps committee secretary Wang Zan and related leaders attended the ceremony. 114 outstanding new employees unified green camouflage uniforms, uniform, spirit, combative accepted the inspection.
Addressing the opening ceremony, Zhang Huiyi deputy general manager, in order to "military training for a while, to benefit the rest of my life", to encourage students to take the training seriously, with military training as an opportunity to hone to improve themselves and enhance the friendship between colleagues, become the new RGL for solidarity and fraternity, vigor, put forward for the students to learn at the same time, strictly self-disciplined, take good care of the body, helping each other, speech finally expected a better out military training for new employees and wish the training success. Then, representative of military training students and military instructors are to make a solemn oath, with a good attitude and good mental outlook, high standard, high quality and high sense of responsibility, to ensure the successful completion of the training task. Finally, the general assembly with a powerful air force march, concluding the military training camp opening ceremony.
After the meeting, the company leadership to the student dormitory, check the interior, and the new employee cordial sympathy details about the students of class construction, professional expertise, hobbies, etc., especially on military training life care and attention, and military training for new employees and future career development. Through the camp opening ceremony and the leadership of sympathy and encouragement, the training of the students is more determined, more high enthusiasm, the military training for the activities smoothly made a good start.
This year's military training in inherit the fine tradition of the past and at the same time, carried on the bold improvement and innovation. Military training is the first calendar year after Rio tinto. This year, the human resources department, comprehensive department, youth corps committee after a summary of past and thinking, adjust the order, to Rio unfold the military training. In order to make way for the new employees more lively element extension activities, understanding of each other to have certain form the consciousness of team, and then began to strength and increasing difficulty military training activities, hone personal willpower and execution, so the tacit understanding between the more conducive to cultivate new staff and team consciousness, enhance the cohesion, build the atmosphere of harmony, provided a basis for a proper job in the future.
New staff training for my company a good tradition, is an important part of the company talent cultivation, is the new employees out of the school, to join the work of the transition. Military training, is the beginning of a green, through this stage experience and break-in, believe that every new employee can learn and benefit from life; In representing the dreams and the light blue in the future, full of challenging and pioneering work, need new employees tend to be full of passion and spirit of the green barracks in forging vigorous continue into the future work, for his contribution to the company's leap-forward development of unlimited enthusiasm and strength.
Blue green, starting point, in the future, at the beginning of the era to create brilliant.