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Chen Youquan chairman, general manager Ding Yueda kind discussion with new employees

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Chen Youquan chairman, general manager Ding Yueda kind discussion with new employees

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2015/08/14 00:00
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"To communicate with young friends today, I know that the everyone of the company's future development strategy is very attention, and to work in the post, hope everybody can adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, looking forward to grow, to meet the future!" Morning on August 8, the company leadership and the third meeting room in new employees in the company headquarters, chairman and general manager Ding Yueda Chen Youquan respectively at the meeting said that the company is committed to for the stage of the young people grow up, hope young employees work in the future, the accumulation ability, talents, enterprise development and personal growth, better form grow up together.
Communication discussion leadership and new employees has become a new employee orientation activities for each session is an important link, after the May 4th youth day activities at the same time, this is the head of the company and young employees after friendly discussion, once again, close communication face to face with the young employees. More than 120 new employees, secretary of the communist youth league, minister of human resources li-qiang zhang, Wang Zan, youth corps committee, vice secretary of wang, as well as the human resources department, the board of directors office workers took part in the discussion. The meeting shall be presided over by li-qiang zhang minister.
Discussion, the chairman and Ding Yueda Chen Youquan first for new employees, general manager of the vivid and wonderful lecture. Ding total after comprehensively introduced the basic situation of company, combining with the question of "how individuals and companies and win-win", new employees should be how to use positive attitude as soon as possible into enterprises, enterprises and individuals should share what values, should be how to develop the career planning, and shall be maintained to continue learning ability from four aspects elaborated the the views and recommendations of the personal growth of youth. Always talked about, in the young people grow up, the knowledge, ability and attitude are three important factors affecting work, the attitude decides everything, young people should be optimistic, achievement, persistence, dedication, pragmatic, gratitude, modesty, self-confidence, state of mind to face all kinds of problems in the future work and life, profound comprehension to corporate culture at the same time, the company culture, and enterprise gradually to Shared values, thus can get faster growth.
In lecture, President Chen, he first to present all the new employees to ask questions, let everybody to think, "why choose? RGL project the company's history, business, the nature of the enterprise, how to do? Where is the company's strengths and weaknesses? Who do you work for, how to work, ready? What is the real happiness, happy?" Subsequently, chairman of the company's future development goals, the company's culture, looking forward to the growth of the company standard, young people should have the ability to four aspects, to expatiate and answers questions, further inspire young employees in the enterprise to the individual to think how to better growth. The chairman pointed out that in the lecture, the future of the company will further expand overseas business development on international business, this to our young employees created a broader development platform and opportunity, especially new employees should be thinking in the face of demand for the development of enterprises, individuals should be what kind of ability to reserve accumulation. At the same time, the chairman of the board of directors also stressed, young employees in the growing up of the most important is to should have the correct value orientation, to "jinde, Ming, customer value" of the enterprise core values requires self, moral character, take responsibility, to create growth and success. Chairman of the board of directors in the summary expressed his deep wish for new employees, said the advantage of young people in the future, the potential in the future, the benefits in the future, wish you have a little bit of progress every day, good business in the future, looking forward to early arrival success!
In the next communication questions, new employee representatives from various institutes respectively puts forward the development strategy of the company the ability to work, career paths, exercise, learning, training issues, such as in the question and speak bluntly, speak freely. Chen, chairman of the board of directors and total while listening to records do not interact with everybody, make positive answer and response. When there are young employees representative proposed how should face in the form of team work, how to get faster development, chairman of the board of directors and d always pointed out at the same time, young employees in the workplace should have a holistic view, exercise to be able to consciously stood at a higher Angle thinking problem, but at the same time, more importantly, young people should be focused on the individual's actual work, attention to improve comprehensive ability, the first thing to literally will play in mind, this major infrastructure of studious and read more think more, at the same time learn to team work, have good moral character, to do more basic work in the field of public. When solve problems with the development of the company transformation, chairman of the board of directors and d always stressed that the company's current transformation and upgrading are actively and advance layout, in the face of emerging industry rising and penetration of the Internet thinking, we should have the dialectical thinking, action, preferring to based on the actual development, through thinking innovation and system innovation to promote the business model innovation, the industrial transformation and upgrading, so as to better meet customer demand, create more value for customers, and can let every employee in the enterprise for the future development of wraps give full play to their wisdom and talent, as young employees need to do is to reserve capacity, to grow up as soon as possible, meet the demand, devoted to the enterprise, in the tide of reform and development of second startup for individuals and businesses to better future writing youth and power.
In a warm and harmonious atmosphere, the symposium lasted for nearly three and a half hours. New employee representatives have said, through close communication with company leaders, everyone on the company's strategic development ideas have a certain understanding, full of confidence to the company's future development, as well as the young people how to better grow in the enterprise has a more profound understanding, step into after the work, will take an active attitude, to adapt to the environment as soon as possible, with vigor and uplifting spirit, work hard, solid work, improve the quality, enhanced abilities, and the pursuit of personal growth and the development of the company, the combination of realize self development, grow and mature, to promote the development of companies contribute their wisdom and strength!