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SGMW plant project in Indonesia vehicle logistics services contract
Happy communicate infinite love - 2016 Spring entertainment company successfully held
National Machine Group Work Conference was successfully held in 2016 I re-group "advanced unit" honorary title
Fujian Longma new car engine machining process equipment New Project successfully completed final acceptance
Shanghao New Year PIEN first lesson - the company held seminars on duty crime prevention
Share knowledge sharing growth - the company held in Camp grassroots professional training Sharing
Not to mention the many obstacles Aoyama Love and passion - the company went to schools by helping the poor mountainous areas of Sichuan donation
Beiqi new starting point for new coordinate Zhenjiang - Zhenjiang base note Beiqi BJ20 completed cum first car off the assembly line
Beijing Benz V213 reconstruction project successfully completed
We do New Year - Steam Engineering SGMW car plant construction site in Indonesia on New Year's special report
Our company successfully held "lighting energy saving and LED application" training and seminars
Steam Engineering obtained Volvo Best Supplier Award again
I successfully won the bid in the Air lithium (Luoyang) Industrial Park Project Phase III EPC Project
The new height of the new starting point - the company "Wuling (Chongqing) painting workshop BIM design" won the fourth "Lung Cup" National Design Competition first prize BIM
Data security and boost development of the company - Company data backup disaster recovery system formally launched
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