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Training dynamics

Training dynamics

Share the harvest Grow up together, remember the basic professional special training camp in luoyang four court will share
Dream start from learning by skill achievement, remember the third phase of the English language ability promotion training report examination and graduation ceremony
Chen Youquan chairman, general manager Ding Yueda kind discussion with new employees
The starting point of green Blue future - RGL project opening 2015 new employees training successfully
The third stage of English language ability training course smoothly
To meet the challenge with unity cohesion strength A brilliant To carry out with decision - RGL project marks the end of 2015 new employees' diathesis
Construction of a judicial branch organized "I is a professional company" will share
The first phase of the company held 2015 annual "professional special training camp at the grass-roots level in a kick-off meeting for training
Company May 4th commendation congress and "chief expert lecture hall" sharing activity was held
Innovation ascension add vitality Win-win cooperation to promote development, the company senior management cadres management ability to ascend to share communication meeting held successfully
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