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AE Culture

AE Culture

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Culture Philosophy

Happy work and enjoy your achievements!

Enterprise Spirit

Cooperation—Team awareness ,overall concept, mutual support and common interests.

Cooperation is the embodiment of quality, the crystallization of cultivation, and the guarantee of success.

Aggressive—Take the initiative, achieve the new highs, find the solutions and promote the development.

Aggressive is the reflection of confidence and persistence, the belief and motivation for our continuous forward-moving.

Aggressive is the reflection of optimism and positiveness, the sources for our happy working, achievement harvesting and life enjoying.

Sincerity—Be honest and sincere anytime and anywhere.

Be faithful to customers, loyal to commitment, and sincere to peoples and things.

Surpass—Challenge the new targets and surpass ourselves constantly.

Work with creativity, to be the outstanding enterprise and staff.

AE Culture

Cultivation—Upright and cultivated, talk less and do more, brilliant and erudite, ambitious and aspirational.

Enterprise: sound development, society trust-winning, caring employee, harmony build-up.

Employees: abundance of soul , broad mind , optimistic, grateful to everything

Responsibility—Be aware of, engrave and undertake the responsibility.

Enterprise: Develop itself , undertake the responsibility for customers, employees and society, meet the wishes of customers and care for the willingness of employees

Employees: Develop himself, undertake the responsibility for work, family and society, meet the wishes of enterprise and family, dutiful to work and filial to parents

Customer Value—Accomplish customers and ourselves

Customers are the foundation for our existence and development; only creating the value for customers, our own value can be fulfilled; only making the success for our customers, our success can be fulfilled as well.

Focus on the values and interests of our customers all the time, establish a new platform for customers' development with our high technology, good service and high-quality products.

Quality Policy

High-level Technology—Keep same pace with global advanced technology; actively adopt the advanced and applicable technology; comply with the requirements of laws and codes

Excellent Service—Actively provide the consultation and thorough implemented planning to solve engineering problems in time

Sustainable Innovation—Technology innovation, management creation, constant improvement on quality of products and works.

Good Work Style

Dedication—Only dedication can make everything well and work happily.

Diligence—Diligence is more important than capability, and is more efficient than intellect.

High Efficiency—Efficiency reflects wisdom, high efficiency makes high benefit.

Practicability—Dedicated to positive business, more action than words, shame for more word than action.

Do own works better, focus on actual action and details; voluntary to be the green leaves; get rid of fickleness and superficiality

Good Habits

Proactive; Focus on Learning; Details Controlling; Methods Grasping; Effective Implementation; Frequent Introspection; Focus on Foreseeing; Never Say no to Customers

Good Moralities

Character Shaping

Only no strings attached with granting, happiness and pleasure can be felt; Only repaying the others' kindness of drop of water with whole life, nobility can be reached.

It's great to appreciate others' merit, it's broad and profound to understand, sympathize others' faults and defects with timely help.

It's real brilliant to recognize others' wisdom all the time when staying in senior position.

Admit your own mistakes bravely; correct them constantly, it can make real progress.

Introspection from time to time, find actively your own responsibility in the problems, then the possibility of success can surpass others.

Get rid of vulgarity through never murmuring others; attempt to mask your own mistake is showing a new one to others.

Find excuses for your mistakes will double your mistakes.

Mangement Concept

Sustainable development can not only make the enterprise and its employees achieve the good economical benefits, but also realize the constant improvement for the working and living environment of employees. Enterprise shall be dedicated to preparing the developing prospect of its employees and create the atmosphere with fair, justice, which is better for personal growth and stepping toward success.