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Main Business

Main Business

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Service Content--

Services to all types of mechanical industrial engineering and construction projects

Architectural consultation;

Engineering, surveying, supervision, environmental impact assessment;

Production lines and special equipment manufacturing and supply;

Machinery and plant construction management and general contracting;

Construction project management.

Core Business--

Engineering consulting, design:

Engaged in automobiles, motorcycles, engines, farm machinery, all kinds of machinery parts, engineering machinery, mining machinery, light machinery, civil construction, municipal engineering, food, tobacco, medicine electronics and wind power and other industries Technical Advisory whole construction process, engineering design.

General contracting, equipment manufacturing and R & D:

Machinery and plant construction services in the overall project management and general contracting; equipment manufacturing and R & D casting production lines, industrial furnaces, welding production line, coating production lines, assembly production line; Construction Project Management.

Emerging industry:

Automation and control; energy-saving, environmentally friendly products; new material; construction of ancillary products.

Engineering investigation and supervision:

Engineering services in various construction projects of geological survey, project supervision.

Overseas Business:

Services in foreign trade and general contracting.